What I'd Wear If I Were You

What I'd Wear If I Were You


What to wear? I need to go shopping! ideas


Shopping can be a really fun activity. It's an opportunity to try on new clothes, have a good time with your friends and even get inspired by something new that you see. But there's also a lot of pressure involved in shopping because oftentimes we're looking for something specific in our wardrobe, which might not be easy to find at first glance. The process of finding clothing that fits your style doesn't have to be difficult though!

Check out a style guide.

If you want to learn about fashion and style, there are plenty of resources out there for your perusal. Check out a style guide.

The term "style guide" can be used to describe books that offer advice on how to dress yourself or others. They can also be found in bookstores, online and in magazines—and they're often free of charge! You'll find many different kinds of guides as well: some are very specific (like "how to wear a scarf"), while others are more general (such as "basic tips"). Some even come with quizzes and tests so you can test your knowledge of fashion terms and clothing history!

Another benefit is that style guides help you discover what's unique about your style—and then express it through clothes.

Look online for a dress form.

An option is to buy a dress form. You can find them online and in fabric stores, and they come in all shapes and sizes. A dress form will help you choose the right size for each item of clothing, which makes it easier to shop more efficiently.

You'll want to make sure that the dress form is adjustable so that it fits your body better than off-the-rack items would. It's also important to consider whether or not you want an adjustable neckline when buying your first dress form; if so, look for one with a slide adjustment so that you can customize how high or low the neckline sits on your shoulders.

If you decide against purchasing a dress form entirely, there are other ways of getting one at home: You can use an old t-shirt or tank top as an easy alternative! Simply cut holes into both sides near where your shoulders meet (for arms), then tie them together with twine or ribbon around 3 inches below where those holes meet up (for legs). This allows for a full range of movement while wearing whatever new clothes may be created from this technique!

If you're looking for a more professional option, try getting a custom-made dress form from a local tailor. This will allow them to take your measurements and fit the form perfectly to your body shape.

Go to a thrift store, consignment shop or garage sale.

  • Go to a thrift store, consignment shop or garage sale.

  • Good places to find unique items and vintage clothes.

  • Clothes at some of these locations can be in good condition, often still with tags on them!

  • You can find clothes that fit your style if you look long enough.

The best way to find good clothes is to go to a thrift store. You can find things like designer jeans, shoes, shirts and even coats! The prices are usually very low because they were donated or returned.

Shop for vintage clothes in antique malls and speciality shops.

To find the best vintage clothes, you need to know how to shop for them. The internet is filled with websites that sell pre-owned items, but the selection can be limited and prices are often high. A better option is to visit local antique malls and speciality shops where you'll find a wider variety of vintage clothing at lower prices.

If you're looking for classic pieces with a unique style, it's time to start shopping in your closet: check out your existing wardrobe and see what pieces have potential. Do they match well? Could they use an update? What would happen if you added some accessories? By integrating new pieces into what you already own, rather than completely replacing everything in your closet at once, you can create a flattering look without spending too much money (or time).

If you're shopping for new pieces, consider styles that are popular right now. You can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram—just search "vintage fashion" to see what strikes your fancy. Then head to the thrift store and start browsing through their selection of clothing items.

Find something that fits your style.

For example, if you're a businesswoman and always wear pencil skirts, you might want to consider a dress with a similar silhouette. If you're more of an urban chic type, try wearing high-waisted pants or jeans with heels. If you're into fashion but don't have the time or money to follow every trend on Instagram or Pinterest, stick with pieces that are timeless and will always look stylish—like a leather jacket or pair of skinny jeans. The key is finding something that fits your personality!

You should also make sure whatever piece is going well with other items in your closet so that it can be worn repeatedly without looking dated every time. And finally: never underestimate the power of accessories! Choose some accessories that complement your outfit nicely but don't detract from it either (e.g., keep those huge earrings for another occasion).

Find something with colour!

You want to stand out while you're shopping, and the colour is a great way to do that! You should look for something with fun or bright colour. Why? Colours can help you feel confident, attractive, and like you're having fun. If you choose a bright colour it will make it easier for people around you to see your outfit—which means they'll be able to tell what kind of mood you're in when they look at your clothes. What's more important than being noticed by others?

When it comes to shopping, colour is a great way for you to stand out. If you want your clothing to make an impact and show people that you're confident, attractive and fun then pick something with a bright or fun colour.

finding unique clothes can help you express your style, even if you're on a budget

The first step to finding unique clothing is to be open to trying something new. Don't be afraid of wearing things that are different from what you're used to. If you like the way something looks, go for it! Try out a new style, or pick up an item in a colour you've never worn before—even if it's just for fun.

The second step is knowing where to look for this type of clothing: thrift stores, consignment shops and estate sales are all good places to start looking for unique pieces on a budget. Thrift stores often have items with great details that can add interest and personality to any outfit; consignment shops often carry clothes with designer labels but at lower prices than retail; while estate sales may have some even more interesting finds (like vintage items!).

Thrift stores are also great resources because they offer cheap prices on already-worn clothes that don't need alterations made before wear—which means no costly tailoring costs!

Third, you'll want to look at the details of a garment. What makes it unique? What are its defining features? If you're looking for something that will stand out from the crowd, try finding clothes that have interesting patterns or designs on them (like bold stripes or polka dots). Or if you prefer muted tones, find pieces with subtle patterns like paisley or floral prints.


There are so many ways to find new clothes and express your style, even if you’re on a budget. Whether it’s finding something at the thrift store or consignment shop, checking out vintage clothes online or shopping at an antique mall, there are many options available! And while some may be more expensive than others (especially if you go shopping online), we hope that these tips give you some inspiration for how to find what works best for your budget and lifestyle.